Make Your Computer “Vision-Friendly” Practical Tips from Lighthouse International

September 18, 2012

Are you having difficulty seeing the texts or images on
your computer screen? With a few simple
adjustments, you can make your computer easier to
see and use. Follow these tips from the low vision
experts at Lighthouse International:

Monitor: Select a flat-screen computer monitor with a
diagonal measurement of 19 inches or more.

Screen Resolution: Make sure your monitor has a
high-resolution display, with a dot pitch of .28 mm or
smaller. Higher resolutions will produce sharper type
and crisper images.

Text Size: You can increase the size of text by
customizing your computer settings, as well as
adjusting the text size in software programs such as
word processing and spreadsheets. Look for options
such as “Increase text size” or “Font size” in the
program’s “Home” menu. Some websites also allow
you to adjust type size automatically, usually by
clicking a box at the top of the screen with the letter
“A” in small, medium and large type.

Color Scheme: Many people find reverse color
contrast — white text on a black background — easier
to see and read than black text on a white

background. Some people remove all bright colors
from their computer color scheme. Select your color
scheme choice in the display settings or in the
accessibility controls listed below.

Keyboard: If needed, switch to a keyboard with large-
print letters, or adapt your existing keyboard with
large-print adhesive letters. You can find them at the
Lighthouse Store or online at shop.lighthouse.org.

These basic tips can help you get started. If you
encounter additional difficulties in using your
computer, the Lighthouse can help. Our Assistive
Technology services provide individuals with
comprehensive training on the most current assistive
technology, from screen readers to text-enlarging
software as well as accessing internet and e-mail.

For more information about living better with vision
impairment, ask your doctor about low vision and
vision rehabilitation services, or call the Lighthouse at
(800) 829-0500

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