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New Dry Eye drug makes 3rd phase of testing

January 24, 2013

As of yesterday, January 24,2013, a new drug for Dry Eye Syndrome has entered into stage 3 of FDA testing protocol for new drugs.

I am hoping to get the product available within the year.


New Dry Eye Medicine finishes stage 1 FDA trials

June 23, 2012

A press release from Regeneron, a research company located in Westchester County has announced the completion of Stage 1 FDA trials with positive results for a new Dr Eye treatment.

The treatment helped people with severe dry eye, and will be proceeding to Stage 2 trials.

Stage 1 determines if the new drug or medicine causes any damage to patients. It can also shows that the experimental drug works as expected.

The next stage is to compare it to other known treatments. The only other known treatment that is FDA approved for dry eye is Restatsis.

Restasis takes at least 3 months to start showing any effects in dry eye treatment. This new drug has shown effects after 28 days of treatment.

I think it will sail through the new trials, and proceed to Stage 3.

DryEye disease doesn’t have a lot of available treatments as of now. I am looking forward to getting new, effective treatments as soon as possible.


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